Friday, 16 October 2009

Harvest wreath

Hermione and I headed on out this morning to meet another home edding family at a local museum. We planned on doing some joint study about Egyptians. It wasn't to be. We arrived at the museum to find they were preparing for the arrival of a school party. Neither the other mum or myself were in the mood for that so we headed instead to the Botanic Gardens where the children explored and we drank coffee. Bliss.

I'm pleased the day worked out as it did. I'm feeling a bit run down, physically. I think the time out chatting and laughing did me good. Sore throat, throbbing head - possibly the onset of some kind of lurgy.

When we arrived home nana and Miles had made this harvest wreath with things they found in the garden.

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I like it. I also like the no sew harvest bunting we made the other day, which I've not yet got round to photographing - but I will.

Right, I'm off to bed with a mega dose of vitamin C. I'm much too busy to get sick. I need to try to shake this off.

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A. said...

love the wreath :0)

hope you feel better soon