Sunday, 25 October 2009

Glacier experiment and elephant whispers

I read about this experiment online and expected it to be a bit more impressive than it was. Hey ho, I think it made a point all the same.

We put about an inch or so of soil and small stones in the bottom of a plastic cup, topped it up with water and froze it.


We laid out some tin foil on the bench and slid the smooth end of the 'glacier' over it. Brief conversation about erosion and how the bottom of a glacier would probably not be smooth. We then pushed the rough side of our glacier across the tin foil. It ripped and crumpled - a big mound being moved along by a glacier.

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I had planned on also doing an experiment with a glass bottle, three matches and a hard boiled egg, to demonstrate how the heating and cooling of the air could create a vacuum that would suck in the egg. I decided to leave it for another day though. I couldn't have coped with another floppy experiment.

Nu nite. I'm off to rest my weary bones - which incidentally are feeling a lot less weary today. I'm usually a bit of a night owl but I can't wait to jump into bed with The Elephant Whisperer at the moment. I'm really enjoying it.

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hippymama said...

we really need to do some science :0)

Glad your bones are less weary.