Friday, 2 April 2010

Alfresco bread making

On a stick, in the pan, with or without herbs foraged from the garden - it was delish!


Mam said...

That looks so much fun!!

Claire said...

It was! There's no stopping me since I dug a fire pit in the lawn :-) With hens and bunnies it was hardly like a bowling green, nothing spoiling.

As well as bread Craig and nana baked some sea bass over the coals. We wrapped a whole brie and threw that on too. It was squishy and great for dipping the warm bread in.

I forsee lots more outdoor baking :-)

Mam said...

Oo sea bass?? *jumps in car and heads up A1* ;-)

I imagine you all chilling out on light summer evenings baking with delicious smells and glasses of white wine, chickens clucking around you and children pottering happily. Enjoy :-D