Saturday, 3 April 2010

Howarth hopes, chitting potatoes, large hoses etc

What a great day. I woke feeling just as chilled as I did when I wandered out of the spa at almost ten o'clock last night, surrounded by some of my favourite girl friends. Usually the effects seem to wear off in the night and I wake feeling as groggy as most mornings. Not so today though *grin*.

Feeling chilled and energised I hurriedly dressed Miles and dragged him along to a nearby community fair to visit the Police and Fire Fighters. Yay! Men with hard hats and big hoses make me smile! Miles quite likes them too.

On the way home we stopped off for a coffee and to buy some seed potatoes. Miles helped me to choose. I wanted second earlies but he insisted on first earlies - something to do with the colour I think *sigh*. There was no way I was going to argue over that and loose my floaty state of mind.

Back home we planted out some pea seedlings. I have a sneaking feeling they may be gone by tomorrow. Miles said if that's the case he's going to chase Bobbity (once was wild, now considers himself domestic) bunny with a pie dish and some pastry. What a sweetie - I think? He knows how protective his mummy is of her veggies.

Hermione is now reading Jane Eyre and enjoying it a lot. She loved Wuthering Heights too. I've been Googling all things Bronte and am toying with the idea of a trip to Howarth. It may or may not happen. I love that place but it pains me deeply too. I often wandered those desolate moors with someone who left this world much too young. A brain tumour, aged forty. Sucks.

We had a wonderful dinner this evening followed by bunny preparations and topical tales. Oh, I do love having my babies cuddled around me.

Got to dash. Lots to do this Easter Eve.

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