Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Art, flowers, butter whirls, electric eels and more..

Delicious Vegan Butter Whirls baked by Hermione's own fair hands.


I picked up a bunch of stocks reduced in the supermarket. They smell heavenly and fragrance the whole room.


More pictures which my sister painted for me when she visited. The first is in my living room and the second is on a turny part in the staircase. They are both huge - four or five feet long, painted on wood.


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Hermione has finished reading Jane Eyre and is now more than half way through Frankenstein. I hope she doesn't get bad dreams! She has also been spending a lot of time using her Usborne French for Beginners Pack. She has weekly French lessons with a 'proper' French teacher but I think this is helping her to get to grips with her vocab in the meantime.

Oh, I almost forgot the electric eel tale. On Sunday Miles claimed to have a bad back. I had been out for a meal with a friend the night before who was telling me of a little boy she knows with a tumor on his spine. Needless to say I had a slight over reaction and forgot how much Miles enjoyed his last trip to the out of hours doctor after being introduced to their skeletons aka Jedward. I called for advice and was asked to go to the hospital to see the out of hours GP. He found nothing. The following day we went swimming (no more reports of back pain). Miles was pretending to be an electric eel chasing a shark (Hermione) when he crashed into a man. You guessed it - it was the emergency doctor. I didn't know what to do. I smiled and told him the patient's back was better today. He just looked at me like I was some sort of fruit cake irresponsible mother. Oh dear.

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