Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Food web and decay treck

We went on a treck around some woodland with an education officer to talk food webs and decay today. The weather was kind, the company good and the presentation of activities/info by the education officer was great. Here are a few snippets.

Listening to the sounds made by a stag beetle and a centipede using specially designed listening equipment. This was fab! You could differentiate between their footsteps.


We went on a scavenger hunt to find certain items and then decided in what order they would decay.


Digging to reveal the varying depths of the compost layer and soil layer.


Woodland sorrel - ever so tasty in a gooseberry sort of way.

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Amanda said...

you and yours have some very briliant days out :0)

Claire said...

We're lucky to have lots going on around here :-)

Amanda said...

I'm very envious :0)