Friday, 23 April 2010


Here are lots of pictures of our visit to Eureka. I have wanted to go for a long while and finally the opportunity arose, quite out of the blue, this week. Craig had a meeting in Halifax and was driving there and back in the day - with space in the car - yay!

Those who live close to this resource are very fortunate - it's great and I suspect we would be regulars if we lived a bit closer.

The museum is essentially split between very 'real world' imaginary play and hands on exhibits. My only reservation was that I found some of the hands on exhibit gallery spaces to be a bit sensory overwhelming. There seems to be a trend with museums to have lots of sound effects, lighting etc. I think this is good, I'm not suggesting a return to old dusty cases, but I think it's a bit overdone at times. I want to remember I'm in a museum - not a nightclub with strange light effects and even stranger sounds!

So, here we are, having fun, exploring M&S, the bank and vaults, trying to crack the safe codes, experiencing ratty vision, sitting in talking skulls, pumping up the voltage on an electric eel, checking out a hole in the road and a whole lot more.




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Amanda said...

WE went there when we first started to H.E... seems ages ago - must go again. Thanks for sharing.

Mam said...

We went there when we lived in Sunderland, we drove there and back in a day. That's only a year ago, it was last April. Now we live just 25 minutes drive from there and it's too expensive on our new wage! The kids grumbe every time we go past the brown signs. Hey ho, how life changes!

We loved the M and S shop bit, they spent hours role playing in there. The giant mouth was another highlight

theoverflowingcup said...

Hi Claire - this place looks great! Will have to remember it. I was thinking I was missing your blog feed on Google Reader, so thought I'd wander over here. Hope you're all doing well :)