Thursday, 29 April 2010

Walking the Wall

We visited The Roman Army Museum yesterday. We enjoyed it. There's not as much to see there as at Vindolanda but we still enjoyed our visit and learned lots.

After watching a film display about Emperor Hadrian, Hermione expressed surprise at the similarities between Emperor Hadrian and Sayeed in Eastenders (Sayeed married a woman but his true love was a man). This was our first conversation about homosexuality. I think I handled it okay - only time will tell. It wasn't exctly the primary learning objective I had in my head as we travelled there but the time was obviously right - and who am I to argue *grin*.

On the way back we stopped to walk a section of Hadrian's Wall. We were with a friend who is incredibly well informed and organised. She took us to a great stretch where we got to see a mile castle, the steep drop to the north, some excellent areas still showing the ditches and also a now flooded quarry where it is likely the Roman mined stone from to build the wall.




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The wind was exceptionally strong. I imagine the stretch we were on is always like a wind tunnel. I think Hermione was quite taken aback by the strength of the wind. I could feel it pulling at my contact lenses on the surface of my eye and forcing it's way down my throat having entered my nose - both rather strange sensations! She was relieved to find sheltered patch with a sofa like cut out where she could sit and pick dandelions for a wee while!

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