Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Silkies, chocolate and stuff

Life is busy as ever here. We're enjoying the sunshine, sewing vegetable seeds, playing and painting.

I have been trying to imagine what energy a couple of silkies may bring to the garden. Craig doesn't really like our hens. He has always said he would refer an alpaca! Perhaps hens that look a bit like alpacas are the way to go?

Hermione is preparing a couple of orders she has going on in her shop and we're swimming lots too - every other day I'd say.

We are easing back into our daily rhythm with a project about chocolate. I thought it would be very light but it's actually become quite meaty at the children's request. We've trangressed to the biodiversity of tropical regions, child labour, fair trade, deforestation and more. Today we looked specifically at the ingredients in differnet kinds of chocolate - why some is white, milk etc. Pictures to follow later in the week.

Got to dash. I must buy Miles some new swim trunks, He is virtually indecent as they have had so much use they're thread bare in parts!

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