Saturday, 10 April 2010

Waiting for my date

I'm anxiously passing the time while waiting for my date - with a man in uniform! Oh, it's so long since I had a Saturday night date *grin*. The facts of the matter are that we were driving home the other day having delivered some tins of Easter dog and cat food to a local shelter, when some mad boy racer took offence at the fact that I was not willing to risk my life and the children's by pulling out at a junction when traffic was approaching. He went berserk - blowing the horn, waving his fists and shouting out of the window - so much so that I called the Police and they are coming to talk to me about it this evening.

What a lovely day it has been today. We've had so much fun in the sun.

The owl and the pussy cat went to sea, in a beautiful pea green boat...(black and white picture, doh!)....


Casually fashioned obstacle courses.


Variations on hop scotch and other deck chalk games.

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By late afternoon we'd soaked up as many rays as we wanted for today and headed to the pool. I am now convinced that underneath my excesses I have a six pack and buns of steel. They're in there somewhere I'm sure!

Sadly, Henrietta, our White Sussex who has been with us since we first got hens, left this place yesterday. She was tired. Too tired to enjoy life. We'll miss her feisty nature. She remained top of the pecking order till the last. Bless her.

Off to watch out of the window and await my man in uniform!


Mam said...

Oh how sad! Poor old Henrietta :-(

Hope it went well with the police, good for you doing something about it!!!

Claire said...

It did go well with the Police. They took details and then went to visit the driver. They called back later to say the driver was out with his mates but his parents were home and they were very angry at what they heard and assured the Police they would be having very stern words with him. Hopefully they won't let him borrow their car again either and the roads will be safer then :-)

Emma said...

Aww, so sorry about Henrietta. We lost one of ours Saturday also - she just tucked herself up and went to sleep for the last time, she has lost alot of weight recently - we tried worming them all, she perked up for a while but just took a sharp turn for the worst. :-(

Claire said...

Oh, it is sad. I think they are wonderful pets and easy to grow very attached to.

Mam said...

I'm having a chuckle at the idea of the boy's parents putting him on the naughty step or smacking his bottom ;-)

Seriously, I honestly think a lot of lives would be saved if boys had to wait to learn to drive after they become fathers at aged 35 or something. You see so many baby faced lads in caps zooming along stupidly fast, and I really think it's partly hormones and partly naivety, they just don't 'get it', that killing a child would be so easy and their own life would be ruined as well as the parents'.

We spend all this time these days on 'Just in case' health and safety, then we let immature people behind the wheel of what can be a killing machine.

Not sure why anyone would feel the need to make rude gestures encouraging other people to drive fast though??!!??

Claire said...

Yes, I hope he got a good spanking :-)