Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Blessings

We were delighted to wake this morning and find the bunny had hopped by our way last night. Usually he leaves sweet treats in plastic eggs hidden round the garden but he didn't this year. It's official, the bunny is becoming much more eco conscious. He's also becoming more attuned to weather forecasts. This year he left lots of patterned paper cones full of sweet treats hidden around the house.

The indoor cone hunt as opposed to an outdoor egg hunt still felt very appropriate and I was relieved at not having to go in the garden in my nightie at some unearthly hour. I've had numerous comments of late about my 'summer uniform' aka as nightie and ugg boots and that's fine - I admit to plodding around the garden like that, but not before breakfast!

Partially nibbled carrot, left behind with a sprinkling of bunny dust.

The decorated eggs which survived a week of egg science adorned our breakfast table.

Wandering around the Botanic Gardens this afternoon, in search of chicks, (of the stuffed fluffy variety), which had escaped from this nest below, I couldn't help but notice the primroses.

Daffodils, crocus and tulips are so bright and 'showy' for want of a better word - yet the primrose just sort of sits there in an unassuming way. Beautiful. They drew my thoughts back to a poem we had read earlier in the day.


The little flowers came through the ground
At Easter time, at Easter time;
They raised their heads and looked around
At happy Easter time.
And every pretty bud did say,
"Good people, bless this holy day,
for Christ is risen, the angels say,
At happy Easter time!"

L Richards

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