Sunday, 23 August 2009


I concluded this week that raw cacao certainly gives me more sustained pizazz than Cadburys. I've been trying to convince myself otherwise but in the end I just had to accept the truth.

So, I popped a cup of oats, a cup of dried coconut, a cup of cacao nibs, a cup of semi dried apricots and a cup of pecan nuts into the blender and whizzed them up to make truffles.

Despite looking like large goat droppings they were absolutely delicious. I confess to having had a few with fresh berries for breakfast one day. Hermione wouldn't eat them but Miles tucked in. He's less corrupted by commercial choc and still appreciates his mama's creations.

Sadly, I turned my back for just a wee moment in which time the top and bottom parts of the blender somehow parted company ever so slightly and the whirring teeth were quite ground away when I looked back. The kitchen stunk too.

Ho hum...... anyone for a mars bar?

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Anonymous said...

ouch @ blender....

I have book somewhere about real chocolate ..must find it!!

Claire said...

I do like real raw chocolate but a lot of the recipes need a high power blender. This one was supposed to be, I paid well over £100 for it a couple of years ago. but it still struggled with dry mixes - and worse still it's now dead :-(