Friday, 28 August 2009

Symbolism in Art Workshop

Today was the first of the art workshops I've been arranging . Thankfully all of the children seemed to enjoy it and I think adults were impressed too.

It wasn't like any other home ed thing I've been to in the past - and I've been to rather a lot now. The vibe was really young and exciting. The artists working with the children were wonderful and there was even really cool funky jazz playing in the background which certainly got my approval!
Here is Hermione, the wrong way around, with a bag and top she printed.

We discussed symbolism in art, made printing blocks, printed on various fabrics, exhibited the fabric work in the gallery space and made symbolic self expressions in huge lumps of clay. Great stuff!

We're hoping to do this monthly now and I'm happy to go on facilitating and organising as the guys who are running the not for profit art project are so genuine and giving. It's great being part of something with them and seeing the children getting lots out of it.


Hippy Mama said...

Thats really good Claire :0)

shepherdlass said...

It was a fantastic day, Claire. Thanks :)