Sunday, 30 August 2009

Forest festival in pictures

A charcoal kiln

Hazy zip wire shot.

Blacksmith at work.

Willow beast.

Craig, refusing to be out done by boy scouts in his fire starting abilities.

Through the forest door.

Swinging poi.

Stoking fires and cremating marshmallows.

House made of turf.

Lessons in skimming stones.

Forest tinkle tunes. Pull the string and the levers spun the wire web, drum and Tibetan bells!

Paddling in the beck.

He should have known that if he hung around long enough he would end up on the wild foodists plate! He wasn't alone - there were also rabbits and squirrels all from the forest. Craig and Miles loved the crayfish. Euggghhhh.

Coracles had the seal of approval from Hermione even before she tried them having heard that they were favoured by Julius Caesar. She was even more enthused once she had experienced them for herself.

Scramble net over the beck.

Axe throwing. 'I'm glad I hit the tree and not my neck' said Hermione. Yeah, I'm real pleased about that too!

This hammock zipped right along. I think it's actually a minimalist tent as opposed to a hammock.

One of a number of dens.

Chainsaw carver. This guy was amazing. When I win the lottery I want one of his sculptures for my garden.

What a fabulous weekend we have had - two wonderful days in beautiful surrounds with great people and exciting activities. In addition to the above we also learned how to make faerie wings from willow, watched a man craving traditional wooden spoons, joined in broom making, quilting, honey tasting, bee observing, bug hunting and hokey cokey ice cream scoffing whilst listening to a great line up of live music.
We also ventured onto the veggie bus - a regional bus where folks can take their home grown veg surplus and trade for other people's home grown surplus (which with any luck will be different to their own). What a fabulous idea!
My only regret was that we didn't get to hear a friend's permaculture and transition town presentation. I lost track of time with all else that was happening.


Anonymous said...

Claire, what a brilliant day!! :0)

Mam said...

Looks wonderful! Where were you? Or should I have been paying more attention?!

dawny said...

how fantastic - next time can we all come??

dawny said...

and thank you for your lovely comment xx