Thursday, 27 August 2009

One chair restored

I think I mentioned the other day that we were restoring an old chair. Well, here it is virtually complete. We just need to finish sewing the back down now.

I think it ended up costing about £12 in total and that's to include the actual chair and the loose cushion. Not bad eh?

I've not made a patch type cushion cover before. It's far from perfect but at least that way people can see it's handmade *grin*.

Nite nite. Off to rest before yet another busy day tomorrow. We have had friends to visit every day this week which has been absolutely delightful. Tomorrow morning is the first of the art workshops I have been arranging and then off to the park for a picnic with friends in the afternoon. Busy, busy, much so that I'm feeling a little anxious at the distinct lack of 'work' we've been doing around here of late. Hey ho, I'm sure it'll balance out soon though. The sun won't shine for ever and we'll soon be stoking the fire, chatting and reading for hours on end.

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Hippy Mama said...

the chair looks good and I love the cushion :0)

busy is good!