Thursday, 20 August 2009

Barbecued Billy Goats

Before Miles was born we often used to go to a regular home ed meeting in some woodland. For one reason or another we haven't been in absolute age. Well, we went along today and had a fabulous time. I'm delighted that there is increasing common ground between Hermione and Miles. It's good to find things that they both really enjoy.

I had one of those warm and fuzzy moments sitting on the sidelines watching and listening. The children were rubbing sticks together trying to make a fire. Their optimism was contagious. It wasn't long till I picked up sticks and joined them! Then followed a long conversation about the pros and cons of forest fires - how they can help forest development but how they have to be managed so well. I didn't join in the conversation I was happy to just listen. One girl of about ten paused to feel her stick. 'Barbecued Billy Goats!' she exclaimed on finding it was warm. I'm so pleased that my children hang out in a world of billy goat expletives rather than some other expletives I've heard in playgrounds this summer.
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