Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I'm not sure if I'm disappointed today or just deliriously tired - probably the later I suspect.

A friend called last night to let me know that the petitions were being handed in and I could see it live on television. Good job she had tipped me off as I had just staggered back from Ikea with a mashed brain.

I'm not sure how I expected to feel today. Pleased? Elated? Optimistic? I don't really know. I've just felt flat really. It feels like an anticlimax. After a flurry of activity sorting out our petition, chasing our MP, deciding she could not be trusted to present it and forwarding it on to where it needed to go, suddenly I had a bit more head space. Of course there was no fanfare, the problem remains and I guess it's just a case of what to do next...hmmm...

So, what did I do with the spare head space? I got off my butt, checked the pool timetable and took the children swimming. It was good. We enjoyed it. I've also made some new cushion covers with fabric I bought at Ikea last night. They have quite a reasonable range of prints at £1.99 and that is enough to pay for making cushion covers in this house.

While messing in the garden I noticed that the tops of my new potatoes were wilted and frosted. I hurriedly grabbed the spade in the hope of finding hidden treasures beneath, but alas, no. The potatoes were the size of marbles. On reflection I think perhaps I should have planted them in the greenhouse. I live and learn.

I am buckling under the pressure to buy a Christmas tree early this year. I quite like to dress the tree the Sunday before Christmas. It's always a full day affair involving carols, ginger wine and many mince pies. However, since I always insist on taking it down before new year (often on the 26th) I am finding myself under pressure to put it up earlier. Even nana is dropping not so subtle hints. Maybe, just maybe, later this week.

Hermione is reading a book about the Workhouse by Pamela Oldfield. I'm so pleased a friend introduced us to the My Story series. I know I rave about them but they really do bring history to life.

I'm off to bed, trying hard not to think about an extra week of vacuuming pine needles, Kirsty Alsop and her homemade chutneys or any beastly politicians.

Also, if A is reading this, please drop me a line. I've tried to email you twice but it keeps bouncing back to me. I'm using the addy you suggested. x

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