Monday, 7 December 2009

Victoria Tunnel trip

We visited Victoria Tunnel today. It was fascinating, particularly as it highlights two key periods in history as opposed to just one.


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A very kind lady and gentleman who had memories of going into the tunnel when it was used as a WW2 shelter came in to share their memories with the children. That was special.

Hermione and Nana plan to do more research around the Victorian period and then go along on another tour.

The visit was arranged by a fellow home educator. While we were on the visit another home educator gave me a book about Roman women which she had picked up especially for Hermione. Back at home a friend called by to collect Hermione and take her to Badgers because I was home with Miles and Craig was working late. Life may not be a bowl of cherries but I do loose count of my blessings sometimes!


Amanda said...

good friends are a blessing :0)

Mam said...

**shudders** I couldn't've gone on that trip! You're all very very brave! I hate tunnels!