Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Melting ice

Miles is very keen to do experiments these days. Here he is covering one ice cube in salt crystals while leaving the other as it is. Of course the one with salt on melted first.

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I would like to do more simple science with him. We have done the usual sink and float stuff, changing states from solids to liquids, growing peas in glass jars and a couple of other bits and bobs. Can anyone suggest more simple science for a just gone four year old?


me said...

Have you done simple acid and base stuff? Vinegar and bicarb always went down well here (still does!) and red cabbage indicator. Making a rubber egg by leaving it vinegar - bit smelly, but funky! Chi was obsessed with magnets for quite a long time but I can't remember what we did specifically with them :-/ A book that he used to really like was 'flip flap craft - magic science' which had quite a few simple experiments and explanations in it - will try to find a link to it :)

Claire said...

Oh, I'd forgotten about vinegar and bicarb experiments - I feel a volcano coming on :-) Hermione used to love doing that.

We've never done anything with red cabbage. I'm quite intrigued. As you may be able to tell science isn't my strong point :-)

me said...

Oh do try red cabbage! Basically just boil up red cabbage and strain off the purple juice, which will be your indicator.
Then test as many different liquids and substances as you can find, by adding some to a little of the cabbage water. It will go blue with bases (alkalis) and red/orange with acids :)

Claire said...

Thank you, we will try that. Still have some red cabbage in the veg patch :-)

moley said...

You could have a look at the Naked Scientists:

Loads of cool stuff on there.

My kids love vinegar and bicarb volcanoes - you can add food colouring and a drop of washing up liquid for even greater effect.