Friday, 11 December 2009

Dressing the tree and games in the parlour!

I relented and we now have a tree in the hall. We always have a spruce but this year we have pine. I favoured it's compact shape but fear the needles will drop much quicker than in the case of spruce.

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Miles wasn't that excited about decorating it but has beeen quite keen to create dens under it and behind it. I forsee a toppling tree ahead...


Last night Hermione, nana and I braved the fog to visit Enchanted Parks. We enjoyed it, but not as much as I had anticipated. That may have had something to do with worrying about the drive back in thick fog.

One of the highlights was games in a mock victorian parlour. What a laugh! The people in period costume were fabulous and took it all very seriously. It was great. We blew a feather around the room to get warmed up - I suspect that was one of those moments where you just needed to be there to appreciate it. We then played musical statues to strange tunes played on the piano. On the way out we were given a sheet of victorian parlour games. I've not looked at them yet but will do.


Fabulous singers brought a cheer to an otherwise damp and chilly night. Can you see them through the fog?


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