Thursday, 17 December 2009

Never mind Britain's got Talent..

It was the day of our home ed festive recital today. I had been concerned beforehand for one reason and another but need not have been. All went ever so well. Some children had written their own poetry and we were treated to poetry, music, jokes, singing and dancing - all while sipping a warming tipple of sherry which one parent brought along!

The performances were topped off with great food which everyone contributed to and also games of charades. Everyone helped out and although I was in theory the 'organiser' I ended up having very little to do on the actual day. Everyone rallied round and made it a great team effort.

The hall that we used is used by a Steiner group and there were candles and gnomes to take away for a donation. I brought away some beautiful colour dipped candles. They are so beautiful that they inspired us to set the table and make a formal occasion of dinner this evening. Lovely.

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It's snowing hard outside. I wonder if tomorrow will see the first snowman of this winter?

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