Saturday, 26 December 2009

Surfing and accomodating

Just as Craig thought he was getting the hang of this snow surfing business, Miles decided to give him a bit of added oooomph. I could have done with a laugh but he managed to stay upright. Better luck next time Miles *grin*.

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Most seasonal additions to the household have discovered their rightful places. I love this really large wooden Montessori style puzzle. I find it challenging. It illustrates perfectly how hopeless my geography is.

Once again my ignorance has been highlighted. This time by the new anatomy torso. I need to practice putting it back together again and identifying the different parts before the children start asking questions *blush*.

Off to check how my Bailey's Bomb is freezing up. I got the recipe from a link on Eleanor's blog. I hope it works out okay as we have wonderful friends coming for dinner tomorrow night. They have cooked scrumptious meals for us on a regular basis for a long time yet the last time they came here and I cooked was a year gone July. I am ashamed. I'm sure the bomb will be fine. Everything I have tried from Eleanor's blog before has worked out wonderfully.

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Anonymous said...

I love Eleanor's blog :0)

The first bit made me laugh.