Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow candles and butter update

We will have our family Yule celebration tomorrow. We decided to make candles especially for the occasion - snow candles! We filled bowls with snow, made a small hole, added a piece of wick and gradually filled it up with layers of melted wax and wax chips.


The result is, ermmm, interesting *grin*. Hopefully they will burn well.


We made butter yesterday. I had memories of doing it as a child and it took for ever. It only took us about ten minutes which surprised me. We just placed a carton of room temperature double cream in an empty jar and shook it. We didn't add any salt and it tastes bland - rather like grease. It was still a success though.

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I'm ever so tired right now. It's that frantic, social time of year when it becomes all to tempting to burn the candle at both ends. Busy, busy, busy....

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