Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Northern Sinfonia

The tree is logged in the hearth, cards recycled into next years gift tags and the decorations are back in the loft. That's how I like it. I know many people leave their decorations up till the twelve days have passed, but personally I always wake with an urge on Boxing Day to clear everything away. I did well this year and lasted till the 27th.

The visuals may have passed but the memories are still strong. A couple of wonderful memories of this festive season were our trips to The Sage to listen to the Northern Sinfonia play live to accompany silent film screenings.

Miles had his first ever Sinfonia experience last week when I took him to see The Snowman. As usual it was wonderful. Hermione has gone every year for some time now but felt she was too old to go this time round *sigh*. Never mind, I still got to go - this time with Miles.

Thankfully in addition to The Snowman there was also an accompanied screening of The Nutcracker this year - so much more up Hermione's street.

What a jammy mummy I am. I got to enjoy both.


Mam said...

Lucky you! Lib and I saw the Nutcracker in Darlington a couple of years ago because she wanted to go to a ballet, it was magnificent. Still bring back memories whenever I hear a clip of the music at this time of year :-)

Good for you geting all cleared away!

Claire said...

There was a funny conversation in our house the other day concerning my H, your T and LOVE! Must drop you a line but got to dash now.


Anonymous said...

I am desperate to take our decorations down! But hubby says no, I am 'bah, humbug' and they are staying up till the weekend at least :( I want to get on with real life!
Your excursions sound great, btw :)