Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Love is....

Can you remember the 'love is....' comic strips which were around years ago? Craig recalled them and thought of a new one when I asked him to sort out the rucked up sole in my snow boot yesterday. Bless.

Talking of love, I must say I loved watching my big baby in a nativity play at the weekend. A very special little donkey indeed. Sad part was that I found myself thinking that this was another experience I could tell education officers should they come to visit and suspect my children are socially issolated. Sad.

Craig and Hermione went on a visit to the local tv and radio studios today with a bunch of other home educators. I have to say I was a bit disappointed as I had organised the trip but then didn't end up going. Never mind, Miles and I went swimming instead and had the whole of the pool to ourselves! It wasn't supposed to be a family session but as there was only us there a kind life guard got lots of toys out and dumped them in the pool for Miles.

By the end of the day Hermione was glued to the television, watching the local news with great interest having sat in that very studio just hours before, while Miles crashed exceptionally early, exhausted after our fun and laughter in the pool.

Hermione was presented with another award at Badgers (Junior St John's Ambulance) this week. Amongst other things she is now a 'Wild Badger'. Although she is still quite young she may be moved up to cadet status soon as she is making good progress with her awards.

Something else I've been celebrating is the publication of this wonderful article featuring some of our good friends.

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