Friday, 25 June 2010

Beamish - the farm

We visited Beamish earlier this week. We had a wonderful time. Like at many places now, you pay a rather hefty price for a day visit, but then you can go back as often as you wish within a year. This really takes the pressure off - it can be quite a marathon to try to see everything in one day.

Last time we visited we concentrated on the colliery village and the mine in particular. This time we visited the farm. The farm is an original restoration, not dismantled and transported there form another part of the region - it's been in this spot all along. Apparently it was featured in a recent television series (which I didn't watch) about a Victorian farm.

A servant sweeping the lane.


Taking turn to 'poss' the clothes in the scullery.


Sitting by the range we were joined by a member of staff in period costume. She chatted to us for ages - we must have been there about forty five minutes. She showed the children how they used the range, the griddle, the irons and more. She explained how they only made bread once a week and showed us where they hung the emergency 'oatcakes'(nothing like Nairns fine milled)to dry. She also showed us where the ash was stored for the dry toilet. Miles was very interested in the dry toilet and the night soil man. That's inspired lots of conversations around here.


A well stocked larder. Miles was initially confused as to whether the things hanging up were still alive or not. Oh, the age of innocence! Earlier in the week Hermione was watching a National Geographic programme in which bears were being hunted for their furs. Miles was really concerned because he thought they would be 'very chilly' once their fur was taken away. I didn't have the heart to explain. Some harsh realities can wait.

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