Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mid summer's day

Mid summers day,
The fairies come,
They sing and smile,
With everyone...

(to the tune of Last of the Summer Wine)

Summer has well and truly arrived. Craig, monopolising the comfy shaded chair. I love it when the gazebo goes up for the summer. I encourage the children to eat meals out there (we all join them of course) and it saves so much time on not having to vacuum the floor!


Fairy houses, lovingly created by both Hermione and Miles. The fairies did indeed pass by our garden on mid summers day and left a couple of little gifts - bubbles to blow, a Benjamin Zephaniah book for Hermione, (one her favourite poets), and Topsy and Tim have Itchy Heads for Miles. Thankfully we have never had an itchy head issue here but I want to be prepared in case it does ever happen.


Summer food.


Yet more summer food.

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I hope you are having fun in the sun too.


Sarah said...

I'll have that song in my head all night now!

Claire said...

I've been singing it ever since I heard Beth singing it the other day!