Thursday, 24 June 2010

First glut of the year

It's well gone 10.00pm and I've just come in from my veg patch. It's such a novelty to be able to work outside till that sort of time. I've still got the back doors open and am enjoying the breeze.

Pottering on my patch I've been pondering the path problem - as I do every year. I have been thinking back to a garden we encountered in the Lake District and how much I liked the paths and little willow fences. I've looked back and found the picture I took of it. I think I might start harvesting willow from the top of my dome to try this.


Small hands helping to shell the bulk of our broad bean crop.


Slightly larger hands stripping tough stalks from curly kale and washing it.

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The mention of curly kale is raising a groan around here at the minute. We've had kale salad, kale curry and kale flan the last three nights. I suspect it could be kale again tomorrow night too. Kale soup? Kale chili? Suggestions greatly received.

We're also eating broccoli, alpine strawberries, mangetout, spinach, nasturtiums , salad leaves, chard and onions from the patch right now. I do so love pottering about out there. Cheap food and cheap relaxation. I need to speak to my neurosurgeon next week about what specifically I need to avoid. With any luck he'll say to pass on the mop and dishes - stick to the hoe and trowel!


a said...

we're foraging chard, lettuce, peas and strawberries atm... love it :0)

lay off the dishes and mop sounds good to me!

Clare said...

Looks fantastic- well done! Able and Cole have some lovely Kale recipes on their website. I've made soup, with potato and chorizo too (I think) which was nice. Also yummy in a frying pan with loads of garlic and pepper and a few spoons of stock.

Sarah said...

I had a feeling that kale was one of the Two Fat Ladies' obsessions in their book of the same name, but it appears I am mistaken.

Loving the bean-podding pic - I posted a similar one just yesterday!

Oh, and I've cracked midsummer sun-construction, you may be pleased to hear. There are now two - yes two! - hanging in our living room window :-)

Claire said...

I went for Kale pasta tonight. May try Clare's suggestion with garlic and stock tomorrow. Hopefully that will sort out the glut for now!