Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My Little Red Book

Lying in bed, wishing the pain would go, and actually feeling quite relieved to be seeing a neurosurgeon tomorrow, I opened the parcel.

I'm not entirely certain it's what I expected but it's certainly given me much food for thought. Flicking through the pages of My Little Red Book and Menarche - a Journey into Womanhood I pondered how well equipped I am to nurture and support Hermione on her passage to womanhood.

I am so keen to avoid the whole 'curse' business. I don't want to portray it as a passage into monthly misery. At the same time I'm not sure how comfortable either Hermione or I would be with the almost public fanfare advocated by some. I'm glad I've started pondering this one very early. It could take me years to figure out how best to walk alongside her on this path.

Oh and incidentally, I have heard back from the Primary Care Trust. Osteopathy on the NHS in this region is a definite no-no unless my GP can convince the Trust that I am a 'very exceptional case'. Hmmm. I'm in pain and I'm seriously naffed off at not being able to get the treatment I feel would help - but does that make me a 'very exceptional case'? I guess most people who are in pain would feel an overwhelming need for relief too. Not certain where to go with this now.


Lynn said...

So sorry you are in such pain ((hugs)). Hope the neurosurgeon can help.

Those books are just what I have been looking for! Thanks for the links.I have been having very similar thoughts.x

a said...

oh I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain :0( insult to injury when you can't the help you want. xx

periods.. I started to talk to DD about them when she was about 8/9? I've always had the theory that if they ask a question I try to answer them as honestly as I can. Hair in funny places is a good book by Babbette cole (might be to young for H though). We don't celebrate our womanhood and we don't drone on about how awful it is either, it just is how it is. Tbh I was worried about this with DD, what do I tell her I've just given her the info she required (with a bit of help from some sex ed books from amazon - she 13 btw. She seems ok with it all. xx

Mam said...