Friday, 4 June 2010

Summer rising celebration

We joined with friends for a bit of a 'do' this evening and what fun we had!

We chatted, had a picnic, dunked our mugs into a huge simmering pot of chai latte and enjoyed an excellent theatre performance entitled Feather in the Sky.

Feather in the Sky tells the story of a couple of 'owd gadgeys' called Fred and Ted who love gardening. They also love the wild birds that perch on top of their allotment shed. So when one of their feathered friends has an unfortunate accident, they decide to give it a 'right good send off' with songs, stories, slap-stick, African-style drumming and community singing to the accompaniment of a musical saw!"

Here are a few pictures from the performance - including the burial of the poor bird where a balloon was released and we all sang 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' accompanied by a man playing a saw with a violin bow!




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I would have liked to have stayed longer. The party was far from over when we left but some wee folks were starting to look sleepy.


Frugal Life UK said...

I'm running away with the people in the photos........where have they been all my life???

Claire said...

Judging by your blog I think you would get along very well with them. They're my 'land girl' friends. They live and raise their families completely off grid, while running a fabulous organic veg box co-operative. Amazing. So much energy, passion and commitment. I aspire to be more like them.

Mam said...

Fab fab fab fab fab!!!!!! Really wish I'd been there!