Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ups and downs on the Festival scene

We had a great time at a local Eco Fest today. You know, I lived in my last home for about ten years and whenever we walked out we never saw anyone we knew. Our locality was really busy but no one ever spoke to each other. We've lived in this area for just coming up to four years and whenever we go out and about we bump into people we know. Today was no exception. We turned up to the Eco Fest today not expecting to see anyone in particular but bumped into home ed folk, Steiner group folk, community group folks and more. I love having that community feel - it makes me warm and fuzzy to know that so often there's a kind face and warm hug just around the corner.

Hermione waited patiently while a scout leader demonstrated the art of alfresco pancake making. Apparently his pancakes were good but not as good as mine *grin*.


Miles learned how to make a fire with a striker. He managed with minimal help. Now wondering if that is a good skill to teach a four year old. Ho hum, too late to rethink....


There was fabulous live music throughout the day - from African rhythm to modern vocalists to folksy and more.


Children's archery appears to be popular on the festival scene this year.

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There were lots of interesting eco stalls, eco balloon releases, story telling, delish lunches (local cheese, bread, salad and chutney) for a small donation of £1 - £2 per plateful, swap shop and more.

Feeling all revved up about summer festivals I decided to have a look and check for more details about one of our favourite festivals, a woodland festival near Deepdale. Sadly it's been cancelled this year. I'm disappointed.

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a said...

WE are lacking in community around here. But I should nt complain really as we don't do groups - boys find it really difficult.

I pleased that H prefers your pancakes!