Friday, 11 June 2010

Wrapping paper, osteopathy on the NHS and discussions.

I feel rather worn right now. Gently worn, but worn all the same. I hate having 'campaigns' in my own little world. I find it very draining but find it compulsive all the same. I'm currently trying to convince our Primary Care Trust that it would be to every ones benefit were I to be offered osteopathy instead of a consultation with a neurosurgeon and an MRI scan. I don't want an MRI scan! Now, will anyone in the Primary Care Trust listen? I'm hoping so but I'm not hugely optimistic.

On a lighter note, Hermione has been making daisy chains from buttercups.


I've been admiring our blossoming broom.


Miles has been busy making wrapping paper - which I hope to discover wrapped around a couple of meditation Cd's within the next few days.


Better than the stuff you buy in many card shops!

*Note to self - take off brand new white t shirt before allowing Miles to splat paint in future. It will never be white again.

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I've been invited to join in a discussion group. The topics for the next three discussions are, 'Being a Mother', 'Celebrating Festivals at Home' and 'Rhythm in Family Life'. I really do hope that I manage to make it to at least one or two of the discussions. I would dearly love to go but they are to take place on a day of the week which is already very much over committed and hectic. Hey ho, I'd rather be hung for a sheep that a lamb - I'm sure at a push I will manage to make time.


Lisa said...

Hi Claire, saw your blog link on the homeeducators list. I love it! Love the attitude, the photos, the freshness, the ideas! The discussion group sounds great. Warmly, Lisa

Claire said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for dropping by and leaving feedback. I really do hope to make it to the discussion group and will certainly share here if I do.

Blessings, Claire