Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fun in the sun, beans and meadows

As they say in the song, it's a beautiful day!

What is it about the sunshine that makes me feel so good? It just kind of warms my bones and fills me with energy. I sometimes wonder if I'd get bored if we lived in sunnier climes and the weather were generally sunny. Possibly. I'd also get more age spots so that probably ain't a good idea.

I love hanging out with friends in the sunshine and this week has been just perfect for that,as it's school holidays so more of our friends than usual have been around.

Yesterday we visited friends in their fabulous wild flower meadow, surrounded by hawthorn trees, weighed down with masses of tiny fragrant flowers. The smell was amazing mingled with the heat of the after noon sun. We drank detox tea while nibbling almond flavoured vegan cup cakes with dried mango chips. Detox tea and cup cakes...hmmm perhaps not the best combination but what the heck! The children ran around and played in the large paddling pool which they had dragged the end of the slide into. They had great fun sliding down straight into the pool.

Today different friends came to visit us. My new pew came in handy at lunch time when there were many more than the usual bottoms to be accommodated! Another brilliant day.

Late in the afternoon when friends had gone and the children were still busy messing in their paddling pool, I tackled a few weeds in my veg patch. I'm so glad I did as once I had removed enough weeds I realised that quite a few of my broad beans are ready. I'll probably pick some over the weekend and make a creamy pasta dish with them. Delish!

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