Monday, 14 June 2010

Footless shoes

One of our home ed friends is making footless shoes to sell and raise money for a good cause. What do you think? I love them, but looking at the picture I just can't believe how tree trunk like my leg is!


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Lynn said...

Milly and I both exclaimed in ubnison "Whooa" at the second picture :-) Your legs look fine to me! xxxx

Anonymous said...

those are really pretty... and you don't look tree trunky at all!

Clare said...

I think your feet look lovely :) nail varnish is a misty memory for me at the moment- I feel pleased if I manage to brush my teeth!

Did you ever get that organised mum diary? (sorry if I'm think of someone else!) Somehow mine failed to magically make me organised, so am trying a moleskine one now. The quest continues! :)

Claire said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and reasurance about my trunky legs :-)

Clare - yes it was me who bought into the Organised Mum idea. Suprisingly, I am using the diary a lot, but it is a pain in the bum because I forever seem to be looking for it. It helps when I have it in my hand but I seem to be wasting a lot of time making sure I can find it and that I actually have it in my bag when I meet up with friends and want to make plans.

Don't worry about the nail varnish. Give it another couple of years and the children will be asking to paint your toe nails for you :-) Hermione is okay now but I remember when she first started doing 'pedicures' - not a good look :-)