Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Regatta

We decided to pass on the regatta boat races today. We feared parking could be a pain, and in any event we spend lots of time by the river and often see the boats racing.

We waited till late (when most were seemingly at home watching the World Cup) and went down to the river banks to see some of the carnival acts. What fun we had! This was the first time we had gone down to the regatta on an evening and were impressed by the family friendly atmosphere.

There were bands playing very funky music from boats sailing up and down the river. Cool!


There was a comedian dressed as a nun, riding a mini grand piano, mounted on a mirrored mobility scooter. He was seriously funny but in a 'you really had to be there' way.


A gymnast dangled from a huge helium balloon and performed the most breath taking aerial gymnastics.


She swooped down and touched the hands of children reaching up to feel her.

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A grand firework finale. Yay!! I love free family festivals in the great outdoors. I know I have been well nibbled by midges and may well look rather blotchy and angry come morning, but it was worth it.

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