Tuesday, 12 January 2010

All in a day

What a day! Not so much a busy day - rather one that feels very different at the end to what it did at the beginning.

We are now the ecstatic owners of three gerbils. I have always said I would never ever have a caged animal. There's a lesson in there for me - never say 'never'. We went to the pet shop for one dwarf hamster. We opted for a gerbil upon learning that they are more sociable and being desert animals produce less waste (and hopefully that equates to less smell). We wanted one but thought two would be best so as they had company. That meant one was going to be left behind alone in the pet shop. Yep, you get the picture.

This is not one of our gerbils, but does look a lot like it. Ours are still a little camera shy. They do lots of this upright statue business though which we all think is incredibly cute. They're like miniature meer cats.

I'm not liking the smell. It's not that they smell, it's the bedding and food I can smell. I feel like I'm in a petstore. Non chemical air freshener ideas anyone?

As for the other development today, my sister has announced she's coming to stay for a few weeks, all the way from Canada! Yeah! I'm ever so pleased, not just because we love to see her, but also because she's ever so arty and creative and my own recent plans to make over my bedroom just don't seem to be happening. I'm in need of an in put of flair and expression. What better than a make over by my artist and interior designer little sis?

Currently my bedroom is a dark blue gray colour, with pine furniture and nothing on the walls. Boring huh? Well, here's what I'm hoping to create.

I want something inspired by the works of Jurgen Gorg, one of my all time favourite artists. Strong, fluid and passionate.

Something as cool and vibrant as pale lime leaves...

..yet as warm and rich as creamy baked cheesecake.

I'm also thinking texture - not so much full on textured textile art (or at least not on a large scale), but more like fluid canvas with texture, like almost tactile paintings. Paint that looks like it's been put on with a trowel. What is that? Oil on canvas?

The budget for the makeover is whatever small change is lying in the bottom of my bag - probably something in the region of about £1.79 - so frugality is the key. Walls and furniture will have to stay as they are.

I'm excited. I'm so excited that the smell of sawdust isn't irritating me half as much as it otherwise would be.


smalldog said...

I love gerbils! I was raised with them! Try pine chips instead of sawdust (smells much better and gives them something to chew on). They are clean little beasties so giving them nut mixes instead of pellets and more human-friendly smelling bedding will probably cut the smell agnst down quite a bit.

Claire said...

Thank you for the advice. I'll try that.

Mam said...

ummm - fancy some Giant african Land Snails to keep the gerbils company? ;-) Seriously, I need to get them fostered, and can't get any takers, doh ....

Plus my elderly rabbit bit the baby today. He's started going for the children whenever they go near him. Decision time :-(

Gerbils are great though! when I had them I don't remember any biting at all, and they're tremendous fun

Claire said...

Oh no, I don't think I could handle giant land snails. Would you like me to ask around for you?

It's a shame about your rabbit. I know how attached you are to him. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Jenny Bear said...

Great news about visit.

Mam said...

Hello again! Yes please ask around, and I'm putting adverts up. As for the rabbit I'm taking him for yet another MOT at the vet before deciding what to do. He may be in pain or something.

Hope you're still enjoying your three new family members :-)

Claire said...

I think I know someone who may be interested in the snails. I'll ask tomorrow.