Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tracks in the snow

The wintry conditions appeared to be improving but we awoke to find ourselves in Narnia again today.

I also awoke to have Hermione announce that she was just feeling a bit nervous yesterday and still does want to learn Chinese after all. So glad I wasn't put to the test. She starts this week.


Nana thought there were some large and unusual animal prints in the garden today so I had this bright idea about making plaster paris casts of them. I looked it up on the web and it sounded straight forward.

We made a cardboard collar to contain the plaster, dusted the print with plaster powder and filled with wet plaster.


The results were far from satisfactory. They were abysmal. I think it may have been better to place a layer of clingfilm between plaster and print as the snow stopped the plaster from setting properly. There again that may just be me being silly.


So, we are no further forward with identifying the tracks. To be honest I think it is just a rabbit - a different one to our rabbit. Nana is convinced it's a fox or the likes.

A watercolour bird.

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hippymama said...

aha aho... sorry too much gruffalo ;0)

I won't try making casts of tracks then!

The butterfly lion was one of Z's favourites :0)