Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Here’s a dilemma. Hermione has been asking for ages to learn how to speak Chinese. After much digging and smooth talking I have managed to find her affordable weekly lessons from a native speaking person. Great I thought – that is till Hermione announced that she no longer wants to learn to speak Chinese. What would you do? I hate the idea of coercing her into doing something she no longer wants to do, but at the same time I’m a facilitator of her desires – not a doormat, thank you very much.

I have told Hermione she must give it a try. That went down like a lead balloon. I feel bad but then I think it would be bad to let her think that it is okay to waste my time and that of all the people who have helped me to sort it. I won’t make her go for ever and a day, but considering all the fuss she’s had I think she should give it a try. Seriously un-cool, coercive parent eh?

Here's Pickle and Scratch - Tom Tom was hiding.

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hippymama said...

awww love gerbils... thye are great fun and very intelligent little things.

oh, um, not sure... Z used to do this when she was younger. Sometimes I'd persued her to go the arranged activity.. sometimes not!! good luck!!

Mam said...

How frustrating! My children do things like that all the time.

Hope it goes well when she starts :-)

Claire said...

Thankfully we seem to be back on track :-)

Daniel said...

Yes I think learning Chinese is a nice thing, I think it's a hard language (even though I've never tried to learn it). Maybe if we ever meet in the future Hermione could give me a lesson! :@)

Daniel x

Claire said...

Hi Daniel. That would be good :-) Perhaps you could teach Hermione some German in exchange - if I remember rightly you speak German well.