Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Holed up in the snow

Unable to move our cars from the drive, (or at least not confident in the knowledge we would get them back in), we have found plenty to do indoors to stop the regular snow flurries from driving us crazy.

We think it must be twenty years or more since we have seen snow like this. Nana made me laugh today when she said in all seriousness that she thinks she is beginning to suffer from snow blindness - despite having not been outside for days!

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Another thing she said today which made me chuckle was, 'Where do I call for advice as to whether or not I should allow the rabbit to sleep with the hens?' I wasn't sure how to answer that one. In the end she decided to chance it as I don't think there was anyway we could have successfully dragged him out of the hen house in the blizzard. I hope all's well in there and we don't wake to a right old rumpus in the morning!

So, what have we been up to? We have read lots about China. We sort of naturally progressed from Animal Farm (only one chapter to go and the excitement is rising), to modern day communism, to China, to the Yangtze river, to junks and house boats, to the Great Wall of China (as compared and contrasted with the Roman Wall), to silk worms and so much more.

Much of the above has been done with us all holed up in the living room, being sure not to stray too far from the hearth, recounted time and time over in story form, discussed at length and re enacted in a lively fashion with the help of a huge basket of lego. It's fun - so much so that I'd be quite happy for the snow to stay a wee bit longer. It's great to feel under no pressure to go anywhere or do any thing in particular.

We have also set up a cloud monitoring station which basically entails pictures and details of the three main cloud formations - cumulus, cirrus and stratus - stuck to the playroom window with a chart to record the predominant cloud type each day. Hermione is going to graph the results in a few weeks.

Got to fly - the hearth is calling.


Mam said...

So how did the bedfellows get along? :-D

Claire said...

Well, funny you should ask. There was no sign of fur or feathers having been flying but the rabbit has been very stand-off-ish with the hens ever since - which as you know is most out of character. Nana thinks he must be fed up because they kept him up all night. Yeah, in his dreams...

He's not gone back in since.