Friday, 22 January 2010

Ho hum

Oh dear, what a week. Despite having had lots of long leisurely chats with friends, I'm still pleased to see the back of it. I'm not sure how I would have got through it without those long chats.

Can you remember when this happened? Well, the resulting insurance dispute is still ongoing. We still have not received a penny following the loss of our livelihood. The stress is quite indescribable, but in an odd sort of way I have adapted to it - or so I was beginning to believe. It's been driving me silently to distraction this week, and that combined with drizzly weather, post long term nursing hormones and other niggles I think I'm about to boil over!

Never mind, I'm not going to berate myself for having done minimal educational stuff, housework etc etc this week. I've been way too busy staying sane!

There's lots to look forward to - Nana and Hermione are off on an educational jaunt soon, we have a family birthday this weekend, won't be that long till my sister is here and come what may I am eternally wrapped in loving arms.

Onwards and upwards - wasn't it Churchill who said something like you must look for the opportunities in difficulties, rather than the difficulties in opportunities? Who ever said it was right. Life sends us lessons so that we may learn and grow.


Lynn said...

Hang in there! ((hugs)) xx

Claire said...

Thank ((you))

Mam said...

(((hugs))) can't believe you're still waiting, really stinks. insurance sucks.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this gets sorted out soon


Claire said...

Thank you all