Sunday, 10 January 2010

Organised Mum

Well, it a tall order but I'm sincerely hoping that my new Organised Mum book and wall planner will help to transform me from one of those crusty 'always running late with toast crumbs in her hair' kinda mums to..erm....well, someone who kinda knows where she's at.

This stuff was recommended to me on a home ed list. There is plenty of room for various family members activities and even space for menus and shopping lists. Goodness, to think I may ever be that organised!


Clare said...

I have this! I do like it - am working up to being organised enough to remember to fill it in! ;) Have fun with yours.

Maire said...

Had a calendar from them for the past three years, had it from Flylady before that. Not a magic bullet but definately an improvement on what you can buy in the shops. Good luck I am now hoping that my iphone will provide the magic bullet effect!

Mam said...

Have to say I haven't yet noticed any crumbs in your hair :-D

Claire said...

Clare - yes, I must remember to fill it in. I only just remembered to get it out of the packet yesterday which is a fairly poor start.

Maire - Oh dear, if it proves half as demanding as Flylady I may as well give in now :-) I still have an A4 folder somewhere with my Control Journal in. A Control Journal I spent ages making and then never followed I hasten to add!

Mam - you're lucky then. Squished banana on the seat of my pants perhaps? :-) How people home educate and always be well groomed is a mystery to me.