Friday, 29 January 2010

First debriefing

My baby's back!

We have heard all about Anne Hathaway's Cottage over dinner. I think this was the favourite Shakespeare site they visited. It does look ever so quaint. Apparently the gardens are beautiful.

They had enjoyed looking around Shakespeare's House too, although it seems Anne Hathaway's had the edge.

They enjoyed wandering through the streets of Stratford taking in the Tudor architecture. We have a little in our region but not a lot. We really had to go hunting for it when we studied the Tudors.

I have only ever visited Stratford once and that was on a school trip as an A level student studying Hamlet. I still have vague recollections of the atmosphere and architecture. I'd love to go back again some time. The tickets they bought for many of the attractions are valid for a year (as seems to be the case with many places these days). I would so love to go.

We have read lots about the life and times of Shakespeare but I don't think any books could rival the experience she has had there this week. I hope that like me, she will also have fond memories of her trip to Stratford for many years to come.

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