Sunday, 3 January 2010

Snow science and patchwork hyacinths

Yesterday we filled a jug with snow - we seem to have a surplus of the stuff here right now! We filled it to the top and made sure it was level. We placed it near the fire and went back to it half an hour later. It had melted and changed into three quarters of a jug of water.

So, why did a full jug of snow not turn into a full glass of water? The snow and water have different densities because the snow traps lots of air within it. Simple eh?

Personally I'm growing a little bored with this snow excess now. I went food shopping today and then couldn't get my car back up the drive when I arrived home. Whinge, whinge,whinge...I know, we're weather wimps in the UK.

There seems to be an understanding among the animals right now. Pringles usually chases the crows from his bowl but he's been happy to share the past few days. He's also started to share with the wild rabbits that have taken to passing by too. I hope the wild rabbits don't hang around once the snow has gone though - they could cause a big problem in my veg patch and I'm also worried in case they have myxomatosis which they could pass on to our bunny.


Do you like my new quilt? It was a gift from Craig. I love it. It's not huge, it just fits nicely on the back of a snug armchair.


I love hyacinths too. These ones match my quilt. Their scent reminds me of my dad.

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Craig is back to work tomorrow. It's been wonderful having him around over the festive period. I think this is the most time we have ever spent together as a whole family. It's been really positive and illuminating. Of course he's still around when he's working, but more like a ship passing in the night as opposed to an active family member. We're becoming much more insync with our family beliefs. It feels good.


Mam said...

lol for a moment there I thought you'd written it was 'humiliating' to have Craig home - I'm really tired and my eyes are a bit foggy :-))

apparently in Finland, where it's currently -17 celcius, they have heated pavements. We could do with a few of those around here we've been skidding all over the place! Snow looks lovely though :-)

Glad you've ahd a lovely family time

hippymama said...

That quilt is gorgeous (sp)... daffodils remind me of my Dad :0)