Thursday, 28 January 2010

My baby's coming home soon!!!!

It's been a funny old week. I've plummeted from serenity to despair and back again in equal measure on countless occasions. I'm lucky. Save for one occasion when Hermione went on an overnight break with Craig, I've never been apart from either of my babies. On Monday Hermione and Nana headed off on a five day break. We have spoken on the telephone every day but I still feel as though I have had my right arm chopped off. They're coming home tomorrow. Yay!!! No doubt there will be tales to tell, experiences to recount and lots of photographs to see.

I've spent some great time with Miles this week. It's so good when we're all together but it's great to be able to really tap in and focus on one persons interests too. Miles' fascination with the Romans is passing and is being replaced by WW2. He has been flicking through some books Hermione got from the library. The books are primarily about the Blitz and are heavily illustrated. He's been wandering around the house with big clean paintbrush painting pretend white stripes on the door frames as they did on the lampposts in the blackouts.

We've spent time with friends and hour upon hour playing and reading stories all snuggled up together on the sofa. There's been much drinking of hot chocolate, blueberry munching and general frivolity.

We spent an afternoon in one of our local military museums where Miles rode a tank and an army jeep. We looked at gas masks, weapons and ration tins. His catch phrase at the moment is, 'there's your rations, now make them last!'

We bought some fab stuff at market.

We've spent some (but probably not enough) time outdoors and played with the remnants of what was one of our coldest starts to the new year I can remember.

We watched some craftsmen blowing molten glass. We also saw something which we found most peculiar - sand from the beach which had been hit by lightening and had fused together.

I am enjoying reading Blitz Cat a lot but couldn't help but break off and sneak in Sun Horse Moon Horse when it arrived from Amazon Market Place. My Amazon Market Place habit is becoming quite serious. I must get it under control.

Can you remember that I decided to talk about chalk figures carved into the landscape at Book Club? Well, Sun Horse Moon Horse is a historical novel set in the Iron Age which puts forward an explanation as to how the White Horse of Uffington on the Berkshire Downs came to be there. I think Hermione is going to really enjoy this one. I did.

I had so many plans for this week. I thought that with fewer meals to cook, less clearing away to do, less washing to sort etc I would really get on top of planning - you know, what we're going to study, places we're going to visit, people to see, things to do etc. I've ended up doing nothing like that. I've felt a lot of feelings though and that has to be good.

Oh, by the way, have you seen this? A Tesco store has banned people in their pyjamas. I'm not sure what to think. I have been known to go shopping in my nightie, but I always wear a long coat, fully fastened, on top. Don't think I'd go shopping with my jim jams just kinda 'out there' if you know what I mean. What do you think? Would you be offended by the sight of pyjama clad shoppers in the bread aisle?

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