Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Normal service has been resumed I'm pleased to report.

After spending an absolute age late last night trying to find free printable Montessori style landform resources I splashed out and paid the £1.69 it cost for these fab ones from Absorbent Minds.

I think that because you can get so many great printables for free from the Internet it becomes difficult to accept that you should ever pay - or perhaps it's just me that feels that way *grin*.

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I think these will be well used and we've already learned quite a lot from them.

Got to dash - it was tapas on Sunday and it's Italian tonight! I'm leaving Craig at home this time though. This is what has happened after moaning to friends about having snowbound cabin fever - I'm now going out FOUR nights this week! I dread to think what state I'll be in by the weekend. I've certainly not gone out this much in a week since I became a Mama.


Mam said...

Love the new pic at the top of your blog :-)

Claire said...

The Botanic Gardens on Sunday :-)

Hope all's still going smoothly with you.