Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Counting to ten

I’m counting to ten and trying to just breathe through it.

Small child complaining of feeling ‘not right’ – that is till I contacted friend and told her I wouldn’t be able to go and listen to her orchestra concert tonight. He made a miraculous recovery after that. Argghhhhh!!

One larger child insisting on making more fairy cakes than you can reasonably wave a big stick at, in order to sell and raise money for the UNICEF Haiti appeal. Great thought but, shame on me, I really wasn’t in the mood to spend the evening scrubbing pink icing from every surface in the kitchen and crunching hundreds and thousands with every step.

One mother totally harassed because she still can’t get over the fact that she can’t find any chalk for her Book Club plans. Has now consigned herself to just *talking* about chalk and chalk carvings on hillsides. Oh, and why do so many of them have to have such huge ‘man bits’? I’m sticking with pictures of horses.

Three gerbils, still looking incredibly cute, but yes, they do have a distinctive smell. I was wrong.


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Mam said...

B-r-e-a-t-h-e!!!!! Hope you have a better day tomorrow xx

Your chalk pic really made me laugh :-))