Monday, 11 January 2010

Our China display

We put up our China display today. We've been talking about China for a few days and discussions will no doubt continue till the finale of New Year on the 14th of February.

Most of the display comes from an Edupress Bulletin Board set which I picked up for a couple of pounds when an online store was closing down. I think they are great. We have one for the continents and Africa too. I would like more but cannot find a UK distributor. You can get them in America - even on (as opposed to but I've not quite got my head round the shipping and tax costs.


In addition to the standard pieces we've added a few of our own. A lot of this ties in with and arose out of reading Animal Farm.



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Not so long ago in First News there was an article about Tibet. Thinking back to that and various discussions we have had in recent days I have contacted Amnesty International to enquire if home educators can access the free education packs they provide schools with. I'll keep you informed.

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