Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I'm doing well on the bargain front this week! I love it when you time it just right with your trip to the supermarket, when things haven't just been reduced once, but are right down to the 'pleeeease, just take them away' price.

Ordinarily I don't buy fresh herbs; I tend to make do with what grows in the garden. Unfortunately it's lemon balm which thrives in our garden and it departs a rather odd Thai like flavor to our traditional roast veggies. Anyway, when you can pick up a bag of fresh mint for 10p I'm in the market.

Water with sprig of my 10p mint and a slice of a 10p lime.

Courgettes down to 30p, sauteed with a few sprigs of bargain mint.

Surplus mint now drying on the pan rack.

I even went so far as to splash out 30p on reduced fresh redcurrants to spice up an otherwise mundane apple crumble.

It doesn't happen anywhere near often enough, but I do so love it when I find the man with the ticket gun on his final round of the day. It doesn't exactly erase the extravagances but it gives a bit of balance if nothing else!


KittyKittyWeaselFish said...

I bought some marked down mint a few weeks ago and popped it in a glass of water on the kitchen windowsill. It rooted so I've now popped it in a pot in the garden...thankyou supermarket...6 new plants for 10p:-) can't be bad

Claire said...

Oh, why didn't I think of that! I'll try that next time I spot herbs marked down. Thanks for the tip.

Fay Gibson said...

I follow the man with the gun 'round Sainsburys. 8pm is a fab time to shop!!!

Claire said...

I used to do it every week at the big Tesco but then the gun man got all ar$ey about people following him (I wasn't his only follower!) was nice to just nip in to Asda the other day and find I was I right on time.