Sunday, 29 April 2012

To scratch or not to scratch

This is a question I’ve been pondering today.  Life is good; very good to be honest.  Despite lots going on close to home, not all of it entirely pleasant, I still feel very positive.  I still find myself sometimes smiling inanely as I drive up the road, or boogying in the kitchen while I cook dinner.

So, what’s the problem?

I’m not entirely certain to be honest.  I think I have an itch but I’m not entirely sure.  Even were I sure it were an itch, would it follow that the best thing to do would be to scratch it?

There are different kinds of itches; those which would stop life as you know it if you didn’t give it a darned good scratch, those which wouldn’t seriously impact on your life but could drive you potty, and those which don’t really impact on your life at all but to scratch would make life more ecstatic.  Then, there are those which are so subtle, so on the periphery of your life, that you’re not even certain whether they are truly an itch.

I’ve made a break through today; if someone else is dealing with big stuff in their own life, and the way in which they choose to deal with their situation causes minor disturbance in one far flung corner of my existence, then that is not an itch which I must scratch.

It is acceptable to refuse delivery of troubles which do not belong to me.  

Wow, I’m pleased I’ve reached that conclusion.  It struck me as I was sitting in the car, in the rain, trying to get the top off a bottle of freshly pressed Cox Apple Juice.  The lady in the car next to me was glaring at me, no doubt in part due to the hold up I helped unwittingly caused in M&S  checkout minutes earlier when I spotted a friend I’ve not seen in months and had to indulge in big hugs, much ‘whooo hooo, look at you-ing’ and hurriedly made arrangements for catch up coffees.

Ah, the age of enlightenment dawns slowly on me at times, but I think I’m getting there on this one.  I feel  emotionally lighter, and were it not that Craig is sorting dinner this evening, I suspect I would be more inclined than ever to bop as I chop!

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chopsmama said...

Great post!
I aim to bop while I chop tonight :))