Sunday, 1 April 2012

Retro Triple Decker Party Sandwich

Last night we were blessed with charming company and fine food courtesy of lovely friends in the village. We were both in need of a space in which to unwind, and as always, were pleased to tuck into hearty home cooked food, with a nice bottle of wine and lots of laughs on the side.

Anyway, on the menu last night was walnut and goats cheese tart, cod wrapped in prosciutto ham, roasties and lots of veg; delish! We followed that with a lovely cheese board with fancy chutneys and lots of truffle eggs wrapped in sparkly paper.

Anyway, our friends are keen foodies and I wasn't at all surprised to hear that they had hosted a book group evening with a retro buffet. As well as the mushroom volauvents, cheese fondue and deviled eggs, they had also made a retro triple decker party sandwich. Now, I had a fair idea what this was but I've had to Google to be sure.

Here's one..

Apparently they're quite easy to make. You take an uncut white loaf, cut it into three layers and fill with different fillings. You then mix masses of cream cheese (our friends had used six cartons!), colour with food colouring and cover the whole thing. Chill in clingfilm then slice. Voila!

Here's another..

I'm quite interested and inspired, but I think it's the making as opposed to the eating which I'm keen to experience. If I were to make one would anyone like to eat it? Although hang on, what if I made cheese fondue too? I feel a bit icky about double dipping. Can anyone share the double dipping etiquette of the fondue days? I imagine the thing was to make sure your crusty bread squares were slightly smaller than a mouthfull so as no one was tempted to slav then dunk. Hmmm.. may need to think about that one.

Oh, and here are some more flowers, sweetpeas which I love. I had hoped to plant my sweetpea seeds this weekend but with arctic weather forecast for the coming week I may sit tight on that one.


Yvonne said...

oh I feel quite ill looking at that. A sandwich that looks like it shoud be a cake is just wrong!

Yvonne said...

The sweetpeas are beautiful though

Claire said...

Okie dokie, I shan't make one for next time you call round then Yvonne :-)